How does it work?

After registering with the program, each user receives a unique link that is used to invite users to the system. Based on these unique links, the system records who invited whom and calculates and distributes referral rewards generated by users through trading fees. The chain of connections goes up to level 4, and the reward percentage is determined depending on the referral level.

Referral rewards decrease with each level, but thanks to the multi-level marketing effect, the number of users tied to you increases with each level (see Example 3).

Example 3: Mike, a referrer, and his referral structure

Mike, a referrer, directly invited several referrals himself — James and Sam. His two referrals invited some more people, and so on. As a result, Mike ends up with:

  • At level 1 - 3 referrals;
  • At level 2 - 4 referrals;
  • At level 3 - 9 referrals;
  • At level 4 - 12 referrals.

Now, Mike gets referral rewards from 28 people, and the more active they are, the more passive income Mike gets.