What is the KickEX Referral Program?

The KickEX Referral Program is a multi-level referral system that doesn't require any mandatory contributions or payment. With all the referrals you invite, you will earn while they trade on the KickEX exchange. Additionally, if your referrals invite their own referrals, you'll receive a passive income from them, too. This continues for four levels down. (see Example 1)

KickEX Referral Rewards

Each trading fee paid on KickEX by the users you invite will reward you depending on your referral's level. Referral rewards are immediately credited to the respective referrer's accounts in the currency the fee was paid. For example, if your referral placed an order in the BTC/USDT pair, you'll receive a part of the exchange fee withheld for that order in the quoted currency, USDT. (see Example 2)

KickEX Referral Program structure and reward percentage:

Example 1: Referral structure

Mike invited Alice, Alice invited Peter, and Peter invited Bob. As a result, Mike’s structure looks like this:

  • Alice - referral level 1 (direct referral);
  • Peter - referral level 2;
  • Bob - referral level 3.

If Bob invites Bart and Bart invites Angela, only Bart will be added to Mike's referral structure at the last, fourth level.

Example 2: Reward calculation

Mike invited Alice, and Alice invited Peter. Alice paid a 100 USDT trading fee on KickEX and Peter paid 10 ETH.

Mike receives 20 USDT and 1.5 ETH as a reward from his referrals: 20 USDT from Alice (100 * 20% = 20) and 1.5 ETH from Peter (10 * 15% = 1.5).

At the same time, Alice receives 2 ETH (10 * 20% = 2) as a referral reward from Peter as he's her direct referral.