Personal Account Settings

Log into your KickID account and go to the Personal tab.


You can change the following data:

  • name;
  • last name;
  • email;
  • username (please note that the username can only be changed once, another change is not possible);
  • language (select from the drop-down list);
  • country (select from the drop-down list);
  • a photo.


In the example below, you can change everything except the photo and language. After you specify the new data, click the button Save.


Most of the data changes immediately, but changing the email address requires additional steps.
If you change your mind about changing your email address, you can cancel this change.


If you continue changing your email, then check the inbox of the email address you specified. You will receive an email from Open it and click on the button Change Your Email in the email.


Now your email change in KickID is confirmed.