How to make a deposit?

The first way to choose a coin

In the Funds section, go to the Deposits tab. In the drop-down list, select the coin you would like to deposit.


The following information will appear for the selected coin: the total amount in your wallet, the amount available for withdrawal and the amount reserved in orders. In the example below, the user has not ETH.


The second way to choose a coin

Select the cryptocurrency in the Balances tab and click Deposits under the selected cryptocurrency.


If you are going to deposit USDT, you will need to select the protocol from the available ones (ERC-20 or Omni). The default is ERC-20.


After choosing a coin (and protocol, if you are depositing USDT), you will see below the address and the QR code which you can use to make the deposit. Choose the most convenient way to deposit funds.



Before confirming the transaction, make sure that you are sending, to the selected address, the exact same coin that you have chosen (if you chose ETH, send ETH; if you chose BTC — send BTC, etc.).

Sending any other coin or token (different from the one that you’ve selected) will result in a loss of funds!

You can check the deposit status in the deposit history situated on the right side of the screen of the same tab.



When the transaction gets completed, the deposited funds will appear in the Balances tab.