I have problems with 2FA, how can I solve them?

2FA via Google Authenticator (or similar app), wrong code

Two-Step Verification is based on accurate time and 6-digit codes that have a limited duration (30 seconds). Therefore, for 2FA operating properly, the device with the Google Authenticator app (or other similar app) must be synchronized with the NTP servers.

In most cases, this happens automatically and does not require user interaction. However, if entering 2FA-code an error "invalid code" appears, additional time might be needed for manual synchronisation.

1. First, make sure that:

  • you manage to enter the code before it changes;
  • time on your device is the time of the time period.

2. Then, wait for a code change in the app and enter a new code in 15-20 seconds.

3. If this does not help, you need to do two synchronizations - in the Google Authenticator application and in the system settings of your Android device.

Synchronization in the Google Authenticator app:

Open the Google Authenticator app, go to Settings -> Time Correction for Codes -> Synchronize.

Synchronizing the system time of the device:

Open System Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Date & Time -> Use Network Time. Disable this setting and enable it again. After that, the system time on your device will be synchronized with the time servers on the Internet.

I did everything according to the instructions, but the problem persists

In the vast majority of cases, the above actions solve the problem of incorrect codes. If these steps did not help you, please contact the support by support@kickex.com

2FA using one-time codes by email, the email with the code does not get delivered.

If you have not received an email with a one-time code for two-factor authentication, please do the following:

  1. Make sure to check the same email that your account is registered with.
  2. Check your spam folder in your mailbox.
  3. Make sure the device you are checking for email from has a stable Internet connection.
  4. If possible, use latest versions of well-known browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera).

Then request the code again.

If you do not receive an email with a code within 30 minutes, contact our support service by support@kickex.com