Which crypto assets are available on KickEX?

In Markets section, you can see all available crypto assets and basic information about them.

To add a trading pair to your favorite pair, click on the asterisk at the end of the row. Clicking on it again will exclude the trading pair from your favorite pair.


You can sort all the trading pairs by the following features:

  • favourite trading pairs you need to click on the star in the upper left corner;
  • all trading pairs that are available on KickEX click ALL;
  • search by the quote currency click on the currency ticker next to ALL (BTC, ETH, USDT);
  • search by base and quoted currency enter the currency ticker or a part of it (from one letter) in the search bar (in the upper right corner).


The table contains the following information:

  1. pair the name of the cryptocurrency trading pair;
  2. last price current value of the corresponding cryptocurrency in the amount of the quote cryptocurrency;
  3. change price change during the last 24 hours, displayed in the form of a percentage;
  4. 24h high maximum price value during the last 24 hours;
  5. 24h low the lowest price during the last 24 hours;
  6. 24h volume trading volume for the last 24 hours in the quote cryptocurrency.


By clicking on the column header, you can sort the list by:

  • column of the pair alphabetical order from the beginning/from the end
  • other columns increasing / decreasing values

By clicking on a trading pair, you will be redirected to the page of the selected pair in the “Trading” section.