What are the requirements for the photos of uploaded documents?

To successfully pass verification, please make sure that the photos of your documents meet the following requirements:

  • The information in your document should be readable.
  • All corners of your document should be visible in the photo.
  • If your document has two sides, you should provide photos of both sides.
  • Your document must have at least one month remaining until expiration.
  • Your photos should be in one of these formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, MP4, WEBM, MOV, M4V.
  • Your photo size should be no less than 100 KB or 300 DPI.

When taking photos of your document, make sure to avoid the following:

1. Any watermarks left by third-party photo shooting apps
Make sure you aren't using an application that leaves a watermark on the photos taken. Any photos that contain a watermark will be declined.

2. Blur in photos
Make sure you don't move while capturing the photos and that your camera is in focus.
It would be better that you put your document on a flat surface and take a photo with your mobile phone positioned as parallel as possible to the surface. If you're using a laptop or a desktop webcam, make sure that your elbow is in firm contact with the table while your hand is holding your document.
To keep your camera in focus, please don't position your camera too close to the ID document as this can cause issues. To ensure that your camera is in focus, try tapping the screen of your mobile phone to force-focus on a specific object.

3. Glare in photos
Please do not take a photo of your ID document under direct light, as this may result in glare. In this case, the data in your document won't be readable. It is especially important to avoid direct light if your ID document has a light-reflecting surface.

4. Obscured hologram serial number
If you're using an ID document that has a serial number inside a hologram, make sure the serial number is clearly visible (this may require tilting your ID).

5. Any other persons except yourself visible in the photo
When taking a photo of your ID document, make sure that no one else is visible or partly visible in the photo. If this is the case, your photo will be declined.

6. Low-quality images
Make sure your image isn't too small. If the KYC provider have to zoom in, the image can become badly pixelated and the data won't be clearly visible. Please use a high resolution camera.

7. Hidden or obstructed parts of the document
Make sure the bio data, MRZ code, your signature, and your ID photo are visible in the photo. Any photos of ID documents where any data is obstructed either by accident or intentionally will be declined.
When taking a photo with a mobile device, we suggest that you put the document on a table or another flat surface to avoid the possibility of your fingers hiding any part of the document.

8. Using damaged documents
Make sure that data is not obscured in any way, for example with stains or scratches.

9. Using the back side of another document
If you're using a document that has two sides, make sure that the photos of its front side and its back side are photos of the same document.

10. Using graphic editors to make any corrections to your photo
Verification system does not accept photos corrected in graphic editors.

11. Unsupported ID documents
To check if your ID document is supported, you can visit this page: List of supported ID documents by country.

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