How do I back a campaign and contribute?

To get to the campaign page, click Back this project to the right of the selected campaign.

Preliminary steps

In addition to a verified KickID account, you will need funds in a wallet. The KickICO platform uses its own KickWallet.

If your KickWallet is still empty, you will see a Top Up on KickWallet button on the campaign page. Click it.


A new tab will open KickWallet and you will be able to deposit your wallet or buy USDT with your bank card.

We recommend depositing USDT, because this is the currency in which bids will be placed.

You can also exchange other cryptocurrency for USDT directly on the AIO (auction) or in advance on the KickEX exchange.

Participating in a campaign

There are several sections on the campaign page:

  1. Diagram
  2. Bid form
  3. Bets book
  4. Auction information
  5. My bets

1. Diagram

Here is a summary of the campaign – its name, the range of winning bids, the graph from the beginning of the auction to the current day, etc.


The two prices in USD above the chart represent the winning bets. The price in blue is the low winning bet, the price in orange is the high winning bet. By default, the value for the current day is displayed. You can see the rates for any previous day by hovering over the gray bar.


2. Bid form

The bid form allows you to place a bid to buy a certain number of campaign tokens.

In the Pay With field, you can select from a list of currencies that are available in your KickWallet. In the example, USDT is already selected and the amount of USDT you have on hand is already displayed in the KickWallet.


The price that you're willing to pay for the token is specified in USDT. Selecting Low or High will set the winning bid price (lower or higher, respectively).


In the Tokens amount field, type the desired number of tokens or use the quick input by selecting:

  • +$50 ($50 worth of tokens);
  • +$100 ($100 worth of tokens);
  • Max (the entire lot).


The amount in the Total field will be calculated automatically.

The total amount of the bid must not be less than $10.

Then, select Place bid. The bid amount is blocked on your wallet until the end of the auction day.


If you place a bid by paying in BTC or any other currency that can be exchanged to USDT, after clicking Place bid, you'll be able to exchange BTC to USDT. Click Confirm Exchange and the bid will automatically be created.

Please note that an instant exchange when placing a bid does not occur at the exchange rate, but at the average price.

You can also click cancel, buy USDT on KickEX, and go back. In this case, you will have to re-fill the form.

3. Bets book

The Bets book is similar to the Order book, instead of orders it contains bets. You can see all bets, see the number of tokens, the offered price, and the volume of trades in USD. It's easy to see your bet in the list – the amount in USD will be shown in red or green in the row next to the price.


Winning and losing bets

Bets with the maximum offered price are highlighted with an orange rectangle; this is the high winning bet.


If the high winning bet is made for fewer tokens than the number offered in the lot (for example, the lot is for 10,000 tokens and the bet is for 100), then one of the lower bets in the bets book will be highlighted in a blue rectangle - this is the low winning bet. It is the last bet in the stack that will get at least one token.


All bets in the range between the high and low winning bets are guaranteed to win (receive tokens) if the auction ends right at that moment. That's why this range of bets is called winning bets. However, the low winning bet can be partially executed if there are not enough tokens in the given lot to fully execute it.


All bets below the low winning bet will lose (not get tokens) if the auction ends right at that moment. Those funds will be returned to the backers. These are the losing bets.


Example 1:

The high winning bet takes the lot completely, so all bets with a lower price will be losing bets.

Lot of 10,000 tokens
Price (USD) Volume (USD) Amount of tokens Bet
0.7 7,000 10,000 High and sole winning bet
0.5 350 700 Losing bet

Example 2:

The high winning bet does not take the whole lot. Tokens will go to three other bets, but only partially to the low winning bet:

A lot of 10,000 - 1,000 - 800 - 7,000 = 1,200 tokens.

The low winning bidder will only receive 1,200 tokens instead of 2,000.

Lot of 10,000 tokens
Price (USD) Volume (USD) Amount of tokens Bet
1 1,000 1,000 High winning
0.8 640 800 Winning
0.5 3,500 7,000 Winning
0.44 880 2,000

Low winning (will be partially fulfilled)

0.392 1,293.6 3,300 Losing

Once again, please note that winning bets are guaranteed to win only if the auction ends right at that moment.

So if there's still a lot of time left before the end of the auction for that item, it's worth checking in before it ends to make sure that your bet is still among the winning bets.

4. Auction information

In the Auction Info section you can see:

  • Start and end dates of the auction;
  • Duration of the auction;
  • Trading day end time;
  • Total number of tokens for sale;
  • Number of tokens per day (lot);
  • Percentage of tokens distributed during the campaign;
  • Funds raised (USD);
  • Number of participants (backers).


The duration of the auction day is 24 hours from the start time set by the author of the campaign (for example, beginning at 1:15 pm today, ending at the same time tomorrow, etc.).

5. My bets

The My bets section stores information about the bets you made in this campaign.


If you see that your bet is losing, you can cancel it without waiting for the end of the auction day.

To do this, hover your cursor over your bet and click on the basket icon that appears.


Confirm the deletion in the window that appears.


Done - your bet is deleted.

Winning bets cannot be deleted.